GHOST Protein Powder Review: Should You Buy It?

Get all the facts about GHOST's Protein Powders: A Sports Nutrition Coach Reviews the Popular Flavors!

by Alan Gregor
GHOST Protein Powder Review

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GHOST has quickly become one of the most recognized names in the sports supplement industry, thanks in large part to its collaborations with leading companies like Nabisco.

Through these exclusive partnerships, GHOST has been able to offer interesting and unique flavors for its whey protein powder, earning a reputation as one of the best-tasting powders on the market.

They also offer a vegan option for those looking for plant-based alternatives. But how does GHOST really measure up?

We asked a certified nutrition coach to review GHOST protein and provide insight into its ingredients, macros, and overall taste.

In this GHOST protein powder review, we’ll discuss the quality of GHOST protein, its pros and cons, and how it stacks up against the competition.

What is GHOST?

GHOST was founded in 2016 by Ryan Hughes and Dan Lourenco with the intention of creating a new kind of lifestyle sports nutrition brand.

Their vision was to show that supplements could be used for performance-enhancing purposes, but also be enjoyable to consume with a great flavor profile.

To make their goal easier to achieve, they have partnered with various brands like Oreos, Chips Ahoy!, Nutter Butter, Sonic, Swedish Fish, Warheads, and Sour Patch Kids to offer flavor profiles that are familiar to the public.

As a result of their work GHOST has become an incredibly popular brand in the supplement industry.

Currently, they provide protein powders, pre-workouts, greens powders, hydration supplements, nootropics, and energy drinks.

Their ghost protein powder review showcases the excellent quality of their products as well as customer satisfaction.

GHOST Protein Powder Flavors

GHOST Vegan Protein Originals

GHOST Whey Protein Originals

GHOST Whey Protein Specials

GHOST Protein Cocoa Flavors

How Does GHOST Protein Powder Taste?

I appreciate GHOST’s commitment to creating a delicious protein powder experience.

They’ve done an admirable job partnering with brands like Oreo, Nutter Butter, and Chips Ahoy to provide even more flavor varieties than many competitors offer.

Having tried their GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy, Oreo, and Milk Chocolate options, as well as the GHOST Vegan Chocolate Cereal Milk flavor, I can say that taste is a top priority with GHOST.

No matter how good the macronutrient profile or clean ingredients may be, it won’t matter if you don’t like the way your protein powder tastes.

In my experience, GHOST creates a great-tasting protein supplement that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

If you’re looking for a ghost protein powder review, this one is definitely worth checking out.

GHOST WHEY Protein Powder Hot Cocoa Chocolate Peppermint

GHOST Vegan Chocolate Cereal Milk

I’ve been a vegan for a while now, and have sampled my fair share of plant-based protein powders.

Without a doubt, GHOST’s vegan protein powder is the best-tasting one I’ve come across.

The mixability of this powder is outstanding; it blends seamlessly in a shaker bottle with no clumps or lumps.

It has an authentic chocolate cereal milk flavor and is absolutely delicious!

A ghost protein powder review from me – it gets a resounding thumbs up!

GHOST Vegan Choc Cereal Milk

GHOST Whey X Collaborations

I was eager to give these flavors a try, as it had been quite some time since I last tasted Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies.

To my pleasant surprise, the protein powders contained actual cookie pieces which added an authentic touch to the flavor.

However, due to their chunkiness, I found them somewhat unpleasant when consuming my shake after a workout.

An easy solution to this problem is blending the powder instead of simply shaking it in a shaker bottle.

This process breaks up the cookie pieces, making for a much smoother shake consistency that I found more enjoyable.

It’s not hard to understand why GHOST protein powders have gained so much popularity among consumers – the flavors are simply delicious.

In my opinion, both the GHOST Whey and Vegan proteins have lived up to their hype.

GHOST WHEY Protein Powder Shake

GHOST Protein Powder Mixability

The GHOST protein powder flavors that I had the opportunity to sample, including both whey and vegan varieties, mixed effortlessly when combined with liquids such as water or soy milk in a conventional shaker bottle.

Not a single clump was present in either mixture, allowing for rapid and easy integration into any beverage of choice.

The GHOST Whey X flavors, such as Oreo and Chips Ahoy, contained cookie pieces that I personally did not enjoy when shaken in the traditional shaker bottle; however, upon further inspection of customer reviews, it became apparent that many individuals were more than satisfied with the texture.

Therefore, a blender would be an ideal option for those who prefer a smoother consistency.

GHOST Protein Powder Grape Flavor

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts are an integral part of assessing the most suitable protein powder supplement for your needs.

GHOST Whey X collaboration flavors, GHOST Whey original flavors, and GHOST Vegan flavors all have distinct macronutrient profiles that need to be considered.

The GHOST Whey X line and the Whey supplements combine whey protein isolate, concentrate, and hydrolyzed whey protein, making them ideal for those looking to use a protein powder for weight loss.

If you’re following a low-carb or keto diet then the GHOST Whey originals are the better option because of their reduced calories due to the lack of real cookie pieces that are found in the GHOST Whey X collaborations.

For those who don’t mind the 10-20 extra calories per serving then these could be a great choice.

If vegan protein powder is more suited to your needs, then GHOST Vegan can provide you with what you need.

It has a macronutrient profile that is typical of most vegan and vegetarian protein powders, being slightly higher in carbohydrates and fats than its whey counterparts due to the pea protein concentrate, organic pumpkin protein, and watermelon seed protein that it contains.

Reviewing these nutrition facts is essential for making an informed decision about which ghost protein supplement will best meet your needs.

Customer Reviews

GHOST protein is a popular choice among consumers, with many of them raving about its delicious flavors.

Parents love that their teenagers can now enjoy the taste of their favorite cookies and candies without actually eating the snacks.

Others find themselves reminiscing about their childhood days, as the protein powder captures the classic taste of their favorite childhood treats.

While customers love the flavors of GHOST protein, the only complaint made in reviews is that they are quite sweet due to the sucralose used in its formulation.

As one Amazon customer noted, “If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, you will easily get tired of this product after a week or two.”


GHOST protein powder is a high-cost product, with each two-pound container priced at $44.99 — that’s almost double the industry average of $1 per serving.

This price point can be a hurdle for those looking to supplement their diet with protein powder on a regular basis.

To make matters worse, GHOST does not offer any subscription plans that would help customers to save on their purchases.

Despite the high cost, GHOST protein powder remains popular among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders for its exceptional taste and quality.

A quick ghost protein powder review reveals that it is often recommended by professionals across the industry.

Who Is GHOST Whey Protein Powder Good For?

GHOST is the perfect addition to anyone’s daily routine, from athletes and those looking to build muscle mass to those simply in need of a delicious protein powder supplement.

GHOST contains carbohydrates and fats in small amounts that are suitable for people who are not calorie-counting or on a weight loss program.

Athletes whose activity levels burn a lot of calories benefit the most from GHOST.

Additionally, individuals who are allergic or sensitive to gluten and soy will appreciate that this supplement is both gluten-free and soy-free.

Who Is GHOST Whey Protein Powder Not Good For?

GHOST whey proteins are a blend of three different types of whey protein, including isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate.

However, this makes them less than ideal for consumers who require a pure whey isolate protein powder with minimal carbohydrates and fats.

GHOST also relies on artificial ingredients such as flavors, colors, and sweeteners in its products, which may not be suitable for those looking to avoid these ingredients.

If you are seeking a protein powder free from fillers and artificial additives, then Gainful’s personalized protein powder may be a better option for you.

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GHOST Protein Powder FAQs

Is GHOST Protein Powder Better With Milk or Water?

GHOST Protein Powder is a great choice for those looking to increase their daily protein intake.

It offers a tasty, creamy option that can be enjoyed with either regular milk or plant-based alternatives like soy milk.

In my opinion, the extra fat content of regular milk makes it the better choice when trying GHOST Protein Powder, however, it still tasted great when mixed with water.

All in all, the ghost protein powder review is positive and it seems like a great way to get your daily dose of protein!

Where Can I Buy GHOST Protein Powder?

You can find this product in several places, including the GHOST Lifestyle website, Amazon, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Walmart.

Most vendors sell it for around $44.99 per two-pound container, but Walmart’s price is higher so it may be best to avoid them for this purchase.

Reviews of GHOST protein powder have been positive and indicate that its quality ingredients make it a great choice for people looking for a good source of protein.

Is GHOST A Healthy (Safe) Brand?

The concept of “healthy” is a highly subjective one, particularly in the supplement industry.

Generally speaking, we consider foods that are rich in micronutrients and low in fat, salt, and added sugars to fall within the definition of healthy.

GHOST protein powder certainly meets these criteria, but it is ultimately up to you to decide how ‘healthy’ the product is based on your own preferences.

For example, some consumers may choose to avoid all artificial ingredients, while GHOST includes both natural and artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners in their products.

Others may pay closer attention to the macronutrient profile and calorie count of food when determining its ‘healthiness’.

Looking at the nutrition facts for GHOST protein, one can easily conclude that it is a healthy supplement.

Is GHOST Protein Good For Building Muscle?

GHOST protein is an excellent choice for those looking to build muscle mass through resistance training.

It is a comprehensive protein powder that not only provides the necessary daily protein for muscle growth but also contains digestive enzymes.

These enzymes, such as protease, bromelain, and lactase, are essential in breaking down the protein into smaller amino acids which enhance the body’s ability to digest and absorb the protein.

While it is not essential to use a protein powder, GHOST provides an easy and convenient way to increase daily protein intake.

Closing Thoughts

Ghost Protein Powder is a great solution for those looking to boost their dietary protein intake.

It contains whey protein concentrate, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, and a blend of other proteins that make up the supplement.

The powder comes in many delicious flavors such as milk chocolate, coffee ice cream, oreo, and nutter butter, as well as unique flavors like macaroni and cheese.

There are also fun flavors like birthday cake, cotton candy, and cookies ‘n cream. It’s free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, and is gluten-free.

After getting the chance to test and review ghost whey and vegan protein powders, I have gained a newfound appreciation for why they have been so popular in the sports nutrition industry.

Their wide selection of flavors is outstanding, and the nutritional content in each scoop is consistent with the standards set by their competitors.

My only constructive criticism is that ghost uses artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors in their products.

Hopefully, they will move towards eliminating the use of these additives as time goes on.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a delicious protein shake that can help with weight management or muscle growth then ghost whey and vegan proteins are definitely worth giving a try – if only for their unique flavors!

Ghost whey protein review – whey protein supplement, whey protein powders.

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